grand final

As the title says this is the final image from the Singapore series and it’s again taken from the rooftop of the marina bay sands. We were lucky to watch the rehearsal of the national day firework celebrations which was launched instead of the first light and laser show at this evening. And it needs …



downtown singapore

Another one from singapore at night. The skyline of the financial district is really impressive. It would have been great to have a look from the altitude bar of the one raffles place, to get some more shots from downtown, but we had a bad timing and it was a bit too expensive. — Und …



turn on the spotlights

If you visit Singapore you shouldn’t miss the light and lasershow which they make serveral times during the night at the marina bay sands hotel. For those who have enough time – try to watch the show from different locations and not only from the stairs in front of the malls, it’s worth it. As …



malls and skyscrapers

Singapore take two. This time a skyline shot taken from the rooftop of the marina bay sands hotel, which we had last week. The view up there from the visitors platform is amazing. Even 16 mm are not sufficient to get the whole story into one frame – next time I should try a panorama. …



banana split

Today I kick off a new series with shots from Singapore. We have been there last year for a short stay. This city is simply amazing and a fantastic photo hotspot. The hotel on the today’s image is well known to each other – the marina bay sands. What an impressive piece of architecture. So …



shine on …

Another one from KLCC and again the towers. 😉 This time it’s a detail shot from one tower which is shining like a torch into the night sky. Shine on! — Und noch Eins aus KLCC und schon wieder die Türme. 😉 Diesmal aber eine Detailaufnahme eines Turms, der wie eine Fackel in den Nachthimmel …



high into the sky

Okay folks – here’s one from my second visit in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This time I brought the DSLR with an ultra-wide angle lens and didn’t regret it. The first time walking around in KLCC I had only the small but tough Canon S95 which was an awesome piece of Camera but with the limitation …



cape arcona view

For the moment that’s the last one from Rügen. We came along this nice cornfield on our way to cape arcona by bike. You can see the characteristic lighthouses on the horizon. The funny part of this shot is that other tourists who drove by the scene didn’t take a note of that nice view …